Visual Communication for Groups

How to Get on the Same Page with Pen and Paper

Winter 2016
Saturday, January 30, 9:30am-4pm
Concept Car

We’re better together. Research shows that working in groups produces more creative work than working alone. But have you ever been in a group where the team dynamics unraveled into chaos and frustration? Where group members were talking over each other, and the loudest idea – not the best idea – won? In this class, we will teach you a better way. We will teach you how to use pen and Paper to get people on the same page in a faster, more fun, and more inclusive way.

We will help you build the mindset that drawing is a process, not an outcome, and a powerful tool for ideation, prototyping, and communication. Using both analog pen and paper and Paper53’s new digital Think Kit, you’ll build your Visual Communication skill set, along with your creative confidence. We will do group exercises in which you will learn how to apply these skills to teamwork situations to help build consensus, understand multiple stakeholders, and generate feedback with compelling visual prototypes. It doesn’t always have to be pretty, but it will be fun.

While we will use the entire design process over the course of the weekend, this class will focus on developing strong ideation, prototyping and communication skills through visual language. This class is for you if you have some experience in design, but want to bring it into your daily routine to change the way you work with others so you can tap into the creative genius of yourself and of the people around you.

Accepting 30 students. Open to Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Fellows, post-docs. Apply here before Sunday December 6 at 11:59pm.

Teaching Team
Alli McKee, Stanford GSB & Founder, Blot, inc
Catherine Madden, Data Visualization Consultant