Topics in Design Research: d.think outside the

Three Separate Evening Pop-Ups
October 15, 6:00p – 9:00p in Studio 2
November 12, 6:00p – 9:00p in Studio 2
December 3, 6:00p -9:00p in Studio 2
0 Credits

What is “design research”? This pop-up course is all about hearing from – and designing with – folks who engage in design research outside of the Across three active evening sessions, workshop leaders will share their versions of design research and introduce students to new tools for engaging with and informing design practice. Workshop topics will include game design as research, multi-modal analysis, and design research in the context of the social sciences. We’ll make things, advance our skills, and have fun, as well as engage with ‘serious’ theories and methodologies that will be useful across various areas of the arts and sciences.

Apply here. You must apply separately for each session. Applications for October 15 session close October 1; for November 12 session close October 29; and for December 3 session close November 19. Enrollment limited to 30 students per session. Each session will have 10-15 seats for the wider (non-student) Stanford and Silicon Valley community interested in design research.

Maryanna Rogers, The Tech Museum of Innovation

Guest Starring
Elizabeth Goodman, UC Berkeley
Kevin Walker, Royal College of Art in London
JooYoung Oh & Steve Lee, Ziba


Topics in Design Research: d.think outside the