The Designer in Society

Personal Tools for a Satisfying and Creative Life

Winter 2017
3 Units
Credit / No Credit
Studio 1

Launched in 2007 (in, but really 1970)

This class focuses on individuals and their psychological well being. The class delves into how students perceive themselves and their work, and how they might use design thinking to lead a more creative and committed life. As a participant you read parts of a different book each week and then engage in exercises designed to unlock learnings. In addition, there is a self-selected term project dealing with either eliminating a problem from your life or doing something you have never done before. Apply the first day during class. Attendance at first session is mandatory; otherwise, at most one absence is acceptable.

Accepting 16 Students. Open to Graduate Students Apply at the first day of class.

Teaching Team
Bernie Roth,
Perry Klebahn,


The Designer in Society