The Design of Data

Fall 2016
Oct 17-20 (M-Th)
6:00 – 8:50pm
Studio 1
1 Unit
Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
Our world is increasingly complex and laden with many forms of measurable data. Infographics abound, but whether explicit or not,  the stories they tell are all designed. In this hyper-concentrated, hands-on course, students will learn to use mapping and design techniques to sort and synthesize data, unlock insights and communicate information.  We will create four different types of maps and infographics and students will practice finding insight from both qualitative and quantitative information. Take this course if you are interested in learning how to navigate through and create for the complicated intersection of data and design. For more info, check out

Enrollment limited to 20 Graduate & Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs
Apply by September 9

Teaching Team
Carissa Carter, Director of Teaching & Learning,
Tran Ha, Owner, Tiny Collaborative
Stine Degnegaard, Chief Designer, Initiatives