Testing at Scale: The sports fan experience

Winter 2017
Saturday, Feb 25, 2- 11pm
Oracle Arena, Oakland CA

Have you ever wanted to try something and have the ability to get feedback from users at scale? During this pop-up, we’ll focus on the large-scale testing experience by closely collaborating with the Golden State Warriors.

After we digest the research and personas identified by the Warriors, we’ll provide students time to ideate and prototype. Once you complete your first set of prototypes, you’ll focus on a series of exercises that will help you prepare for your testing experience at Oracle Arena later that night.

Testing exercises include, but are not limited to:
Testing with sensory constraints (no sight, no sound, touching only)
Testing with multiple users simultaneously (structured and unstructured).
Testing remotely (relying on technology to observe from afar)

Students will also receive training with some techniques on how to best process feedback from users, in order to improve on the next round of prototyping. We’ll build on the standard feedback (“What Worked?”, “What Didn’t Work?”, Questions, Ideas) and encourage students to build their own artifact that will be specifically designed for testing at scale.

We’ll use this framework to improve the sports fan experience in 2017. How does the experience
differ for fans who are 10 years old versus 70 years old? What are their similar interests?  During this one-day pop-up class, you’ll get the opportunity to get in front of these fans and see if we can deliver magic. You may choose to explore how you test differently to focus on accessibility, etc.

Accepting 8-10 Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs, and non-Stanford affiliated sports fans who want to participate in the design thinking process. Application Closed

Teaching Team
Ward Bullard, Stanford Athletics Board Chair
Araceli Ortiz, Head of Marketing, Stanford Athletics