Taming Temptation: Designs for Self-Control

Three Evening + Weekend Day Pop-Up
September 23: 7:00p – 9:00p
September 29: 1:00p – 7:00p
September 30 & October 1: 7:00p – 10:00p
Studio 2
0 Credits

Have you ever made long-term plans to go on a diet, to exercise, or aimed to submit a class assignment before the deadline…but didn’t follow through? Did you ever overspend, under-save or text while driving? If you have, you might be shocked to discover that you are not alone. If you have not, you are most likely a robot.

Failing in these ways is a basic part of being human, and it is a tendency that is only increasing, as the world around us gets more and more tempting.

In this Pop Up Class we will explore our self-control failures, begin to understand the psychology of where they come from, and learn about emerging approaches to overcoming such temptations. You will take on two short design challenges and develop new solutions by gaining empathy for the user’s needs, adapting behavioral change techniques into prototypes, and testing them out.

We want students from all disciplinary backgrounds and no prior d.school classes are required. You must be able to be present for all of the class sessions – no exceptions! If you are still shopping for classes and your schedule is uncertain, please do not register. This is a prototype and no credits will be offered, but you will be fed on occasion and your intellectual curiosity will be extremely well looked after!

Applications closed.

Teaching Team
Dan Ariely, Chocolate Loving Visiting Professor at the d.school
Sarah Stein Greenberg, Inveterate Procrastinator & d.school Managing Director
Jeremy Utley, Helplessly Hyperbolic Co-Director of d.school Executive Education