@Stanford Studio

Re-imagine the Future Stanford Experience

Winter 2014
Tue/Thu 10:00a – 12:00p
Studio 1
ME 247C
4 Units
Credit/No Credit
Launched 2012

Re-imagine the future Stanford experience. @Stanford Studio is an opportunity for students to design, develop, execute, and iterate immersive prototypes that allow experimentation into many facets of the future student experience. Students enrolled in @Stanford Studio in winter quarter will be responsible for running quarter-long independent experiments.

Winter quarter is an advanced studio for continuing students. New students please apply as a way to indicate your interest. Opportunities for involvement in the @Stanford project for new students will arise, though not in the format of a traditional class.

Teaching Team
Carissa Carter, d.school
David Kelley, d.school, ME Design, IDEO
Scott Doorley, d.school