Sexuality by Design

Exploring, re-defining, and creating tools to navigate sexuality

Fall 2016
Oct 29-30
Studio 1


The subject of sexuality is often relegated to the negative or to the superficial. As such, “sex ed” either warns of its dangers or is ignored entirely. Sexuality, though, is an integral part of our lives, and there are very few ways in which we intentionally explore or develop it.

In this class, we will use empathy techniques, research-based frameworks, and reflection exercises to explode the definition of “sexuality” to encompass a scintillating dimension of our humanity.

You will first set out to discover the needs, wants, obstacles, and influences that make navigating the landscape of sexuality something of a jungle. You will flex your design skills of empathizing, defining, ideating, and prototyping to create new frameworks and definitions of sexuality. Your work will culminate in a design challenge in which you are tasked to create tools people might use to navigate the intra- and inter-personal dynamics of a sexual experience.

We hope you’ll come away from this class with a new set of tools to explore, express, and connect across the oh-so-human landscape of sexuality.

We acknowledge that this is a topic that is emotional and personal to many of us. It is a top priority to us, the teaching team, to create a safe and respectful space to work on and engage this topic. In addition to planning beforehand, we will encourage and ask for your continuous feedback as it arises to ensure this is the case.


Accepting 16 students. Open to Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students
Apply by September 9

Teaching Team
Brianna Booth, Ph.D., Director of Positive Sexuality, Design & Development, SARA Office
Andrew Molina, Experience Assistant,
Tania Anaissie, Experience Designer,

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