Ritual Design for Org Change

Crafting Culture and Meaning into Organizations

Winter 2017
Thursday Feb 2, 5-8pm
Friday Feb 3, 12-5pm

Rituals have a special power to bring people together and give them a sense of purpose, values, and meaning. Especially in the realms of sports, politics, and religion, rituals unite people and bring out deep emotions. How can we harness this power of rituals in other kinds of organizations? In this pop-out we will design new rituals for a company, to explore how design methods and creative improvisation can help us craft more meaningful culture. Students will work in teams to rapidly prototype new rituals for our partner company, and they will learn video storytelling techniques to capture their designs. We welcome students who are interested in how to create stronger cultures in their own orgs and companies, and who want to explore humorous, strange, magical, and curious ways to do so.

Accepting 28 Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs. Application Closed

Teaching Team
Kursat Ozenc, SAP Labs
Margaret Hagan, Stanford Law School/d.school


Ritual Design for Org Change