Prototyping Systems

One-week workshop
April 22, 24, 26
6:00p – 8:00p
Studio 2
0 units

How would you have prototyped Facebook in 2002? Or a policy decision that would affect millions? How do you create a cultural change in an organization? As design thinking is used to address increasingly complex challenges we need ways of prototyping that allow us to maintain the intimacy, immediacy and visceral nature of hands-on prototyping. This pop-up class will explore ways to prototype the development of collaborative, connected and interdependent systems. Questions we’ll address: How might we break complex systems into isolated elements? How do you find the critical part of a system? How can one test feedback loops in an accelerated timeframe? We need to evolve the way we prototype in order address the design challenges in our current world. Come explore this question with us.

Applications due March 15. Apply here:


Teaching Team
Evelyn Huang, Capital One
Tom Maiorana, Intuit
Lionel Mohri, Intuit