Prototyping and Rapid Experimentation Lab

How to use Prototypes to Make Sure the Needs are Real and the Solution Works

Winter 2014
Wed 1:15p – 4:05p
Studio 2
MS&E 488
4 Units
Letter Grade
Launching 2014

In this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of the prototyping and user feedback parts of the design thinking process with a focus on rapid experimentation. In particular, we will explore prototyping and user feedback that happens in later stages of iteration when design ideas are somewhat gelled, but designers are still uncertain about whether the design will meet the need and evoke the response intended. We will introduce and generate creative ways to discover what users will do in the real world with the designs we envision. This class is for seasoned students who thoroughly understand the design thinking process or, more broadly, human-centered design and now want to focus on one later stage aspect of it in more depth.

Enrollment limited to 20 graduate and undergraduate students.
Application closed

Teaching Team
Pamela Hinds, MS&E
Julie Stanford, Sliced Bread Design