Negotiation by Design: Applied Design Thinking for Negotiators

Take your negotiation skills to the next level with human-centered design principles.

Fall 2016
Tue Oct 11, Thu Oct 13, Tue Oct 18, Thu Oct 20,  Tue Oct 25, Thu Oct 27, Tue Nov 1, Thu Nov 3
6:00 – 8:50pm
Note: Last class will be Saturday Nov 5, 9:00am-4:00pm.
2 Units
Credit/No Credit

Where many stakeholders are working within a complex scenario, the skilled negotiator is comfortable with the inherent ambiguity, at once nimble and careful in responding to new information and changing positions. In this advanced negotiation course, we will crack open some of the fundamental negotiation principles and show you how, where and why design thinking can add unique value to your negotiation skills and outcomes. Mapping and designing the structure and process of your negotiation; understanding tools to gain empathy for the stakeholders involved in the negotiation; learning different styles of negotiation; practicing spontaneity, adaptability and presence in the moment; team brainstorming in preparation, and team dynamics in the execution of a negotiation – you will work through exercises that isolate these skills and then apply them in simulated negotiations, at least one in every class session, to improve your confidence and competence as a negotiator. You and your teammates will then bring them all to bear in a capstone, multi-party, multi-issue negotiation simulation. If you have already taken a basic negotiation course, or have demonstrable experience, we invite you to apply. No previous design thinking experience is required, though certainly useful.

Enrollment limited to 30 Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs.
Apply by September 9

Teaching Team
Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Lecturer,
David W. Johnson, Lecturer-in-Law, Stanford Law School