Losing California

Spring 2017
Course Number TBD
Sat, April 8, 9:00am- 5:00pm
Sun, April 9, 9:00am- 5:00pm
Fri, April 14, 10:30am-12:20pm
Fri, April 2810:30am-12:20pm
San Francisco & Studio 1

Scientists agree that global change, including climate change, loss of biodiversity and ocean acidification, is accelerating.  Yet, inspiring meaningful change, at both individual and organizational levels, remains a fundamental barrier to action.  Join us to explore alternative futures for our state and explore how to design for people to take action that combats climate change. Students will learn how to leverage aspects of human-centered design on the problems facing our planet.

What will the iconic view from the Golden Gate Bridge look like in 2025, 2050, 2100? Does an emotional attachment to a place motivate meaningful change to preserve it? How can visual or audio artifacts break down the spatial and temporal remoteness of global change?

During our weekend course we will learn about the science of global change and the ways in which the view from the Golden Gate Bridge may look dramatically different in the future. By engaging with visitors at the bridge, we will understand what fosters a sense of place and how iconic landscapes influence perceptions of global change.  Based on this empathy work, we will generate ideas for communicating the impact of projected change and identify the features of prototypes that stimulate a sense of urgency.  Refined prototypes will be released in the days leading up to Earth Day and a post-assessment class will focus on the impact as a tool for advancing the application of design in communicating the complex issue of global change. A desire to have impact is highly recommended.


Accepting 18-24 Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs.
Apply here by March 10

Teaching Team
Carissa Carter, Director of Teaching and Learning and Adjunct Professor, d.school
Kate Maher, Associate Professor, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Science
Melissa Miranda, Entrepreneur in Residence, Foundation Capital