Know Your Humans: Designing Effective User Research

Wednesday Evenings
Feb. 12, 19 & 26
6:00p – 9:00p
Studio 1
0 Credits

Setting yourself up to design a delightful product or experience means starting with strong user research. Come learn how to do research that effectively informs user experience in this fun, interactive pop-up. We’ll get comfortable crafting questions, putting on our observational and analytical hats, and asking HOW and WHY. You will practice how to see and understand users’ small daily choices — the ones that other people might miss — to be able to design for and with those users. Students who take this class will be able to identify highly motivated users, practice keen observation skills, and gain insight into how to meaningfully impact the people they are designing for.

Teaching Team
Emily Goligosky, Mozilla Foundation
Steph Habif, Stanford Calming Technology Lab &

Enrollment limited to 40 students. Applications close January 23. Apply here: