Interactions With a Human Touch

Wednesday evenings
April 17, 24 & May 1
6:00p – 8:00p
Studio 1
0 units

On a daily basis, we interact with countless physical and digital objects. What’s interesting is how many of these interactions evoke emotional reactions. As humans, we inherently project many emotions onto simple everyday interactions. This class explores how simple cues and motion communicate with us in an evocative way. Do products have personality? If so, how can we craft it? The class will bring together findings from different fields in order to hypothesize the building blocks of how to the craft emotional interactions. The class will start from the minimum behaviors that characterize a product as more ‘human’ and finally ask the students to take a shot at prototyping their view of the topic.

Applications due March 15. Apply here:


Teaching Team
Marco Triverio, IDEO
Will Carey, IDEO