How To Be a Cyborg

Weekend workshop
May 4
10:00a – 3:00p
Atrium & Studio 2
1 unit
Credit/No Credit

We have been using tools to aid our physical abilities for as long as we have been human, but more recently there has been an explosion in the tools that aid our mental processes. The philosophical underpinnings of this idea has been explored by Andy Clark, Alva Noe and others, who are trying to deconstruct what is means to be human. But much of the discussion is begin driven by through thought experiments, with limited input from real-world augmentation to the body. In popular media this is the cyborg, a symbiotic fusion of human and machine. Our Pop-up class will start with cyborgs from anime, star trek, the latest videogames, films and literature. But then we will boil these down to the simple rules, or heuristics as studied by Herbert Simon and others, from which the real cyborgs will arise. From those rules they will engage in a wild deep dive to reimagine what a cyborg could be. This workshop will alternate between physical activity, hands-on exercises and crafting, media viewing and spontaneous creative combustion.

Applications due March 15. Apply here:


Teaching Team
Aleta Hayes, Theatre and Performance Studies
Joe Tranquillo, Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience at Bucknell University