Welcome to HACK.d – the first Stanford d.school hackathon, presented by Hasso Plattner Institute of Design and Gray Area Foundation for the Arts. Your challenge: use the physical and digital content, network, community, and resources of the d.school and our partners to bring Design Thinking to the world.┬áThis weekend will represent one of the first instances of an educational institution opening up its website code to be hacked, rebuilt, and reimagined by its students and community at large. But it’s about more than just remaking a website – it’s about creating an entirely new global resource for creative learning unlike any other…and starting from the bottom-up using rapid prototyping and design thinking as a foundation for transformational ideas.

Technical Resources

Full GitHub repo of d.school WordPress site:


Supporting Wiki on GitHub


Content Resources

D.School Virtual Crash Course Video
Password: dthink2011
D.School Napkin Manifesto
D.School Bootcamp Bootleg
D.School Method Cards
D.School Class Listing
D.School Design Resources
Helping you teach and lead a design approach to innovation. Includes two full how-to project walkthroughs.
Toolmaking Slidedeck: How to Make Your Own Design Thinking Tools
Coaching Guide
Design Thinking Lecture Series
1. Empathize
2. Define
3. Ideate
4. Prototype
5. Test

Hack.d Projects

All projects will be posted here by the end of the weekend, and will remain on the d.school site as a showcase:


Creative Brief