Team 9 :: John, Hannah, Liz, Julia (Teacher online PD with video content)

    Link to NTLB 2010 Homepage

    Wiki Reflection Activity:

    Find a way to represent your team's design process and turn it in with your reflection sheet. If it makes sense, include process phases.

    Generate 3 or more anecdotes about your team's process that you would love to share will help teach your grandchildren design thinking when take a d.school classes. Example: In order to test how people act when they are anxious, we had people drink a 2 litters of water and wouldn't let them use the restroom until they answered 2 trivia questions (true student example about prototyping an experience with limited resources).


    Individually, please add 3 elements to each category of the I like, I wish, how to wiki page.

    Download file "files for groups_Page_4_HANNAH.jpg"(team agreement)

    For April 27th class:
    The 2-3 Analogous Situations we explored and what we learned:
    Download file "Who else.jpg" (brainstorm on who else provides individualized training)
    Download file "Where else.jpg" (brainstorm on where else online / video content is used)


    - Most are how to videos, sorted by show/chef but also searchable by keyword

    - Video links themselves are preset to be icons but can also be sorted into lists (so you can see more options at once), sort of like the options you have when you open a file folder in windows

    - Some videos are not how to, but more a mix of commentary and footage profiling a topic (e.g., a chef talking about his favorite bbq place)

    - Most how to clips are 2-3 minutes long, which I thought was interesting. There are a few that are longer (e.g., 8 min), mainly the commentary/feature videos.


    - Different sites have different reputations and target different types of users (e.g., eHarmony site is good for people looking to get married) - we might want to be thoughtful about who we want to target first and the potential long-term implications it might have on who else is attracted to come to the site

    - Sites are able to draw in users with access to limited (but free) content, but require creation of an account/profile

    - Sites fall on a spectrum of expecting the user to browse and find a match to providing recommendations based on survey/profile data - this is an interesting question to consider for us: to what degree are we diagnosing teachers and making recommendations? OKCupid might be a useful analogous site that seems to be doing a little bit of both pretty well (provide match data but also allow for easy browsing)

    - Different types of norms for interacting w/ other users emerge on different sites - how important it is to respond to messages, what types of stuff to put on your profile - this might be an interesting thing for us to think about from a culture/user community perspective

    - Power users have different needs than light users - they have pretty much usually browsed through everything and are returning to the site to try and find new people who have just signed on. Light/non users don't use the site because they don't find other people they think they might be interested in during their free access stage and decide it's not worth it - this might have some parallels to how we alert users to new videos/content that is posted to the site that we think they might be interested in, and also about what we think the ideal entry point for new users is (e.g., which features to showcase to prove immediate usefulness).

    - Program has multiple sessions A-E that you progress through one at a time (like grades) then a conservatory you have to audition for and that you can skip to if you test in early on
    - Each session ends by stretching skills developed to date and showing students what next session would involve / getting them excited for the next round
    - Believe that consistent group builds trust and encourages risk-taking
    - Encourage and celebrate failure:
    --- cheer when someone messes up in a group game
    --- set norms through instructor intervention where when first person makes a bad move, second person is called out if they don't try to make it work
    --- repetition of lines with increasing levels of creativity
    - Groups try scenes / games first without instruction, then sit down together and discuss what was / wasn't working for 1-2 minutes. Instructors facilitate these conversations and then use them to bring out themes of improv

    4) CROSSFIT (fitness program w/ local in-person classes and online community)
    - Business model is actually around certifying top quality teachers to run these programs / gyms, not being a member of the program
    - Focus on quick, high energy, varied workouts to maintain excitement and make it easy to fit into the schedule
    - Variability comes from rearranging core exercises / building blocks so that workouts still feel familiar, don't require a lot of prep
    - Simple, easily comparable metrics (time workout takes, weight used, etc.)
    - Local workouts with global community via online site:
    --- Local workout centers: Have "workout of the day" that everyone in gym is doing but the group of people can be different every time and involve people at all levels (e.g. old woman and pro athlete)
    --- Website: Participants post time to show accomplishment, feel like members of large community. Founder has a blog that highlights stories / videos from high performers across the country. Website also contains limited number of founder-produced video tutorials for trainers and participants on how to do / teach the basic exercises
    - Unified philosophy to education that is easy to understand (100 word statement), aligned with offering, and backed up by academic research cited on website and in program journal that participants can access and understand
    - Relies on habit-forming literature: provide external pressure (i.e. instructor) to get a person to do something 5x a week at the same time every day for 1-1.5 months and they will develop a habit and do it themselves without the external motivation


    - Before placing a trainer they do an interview, observe a demo class the trainer runs, and talk to students to get feedback on the demo class. Once a trainer is placed, the program manager attends random classes to provide informal feedback, reads and discusses student participant feedback with the trainers, and sends out a schedule for when re-certification programs are coming up

    - Critical component to success with trainers is giving them autonomy and ownership of their class design so that they feel like they’re part of the process

    - For students / people who use trainers, the first step is a full assessment to let them know where they’re at

    - Next step is a one-on one conversation that includes discussion of:

    o Their preferred workout styles (e.g. group vs. individual, lots vs. little supervision)

    o What they have done in the past and enjoyed or hated doing

    o What they’re looking for in a trainer

    o What realistic goals might look like

    o How the excitement is likely to wear off after a few weeks—this is critical because if you don’t warn participants this is coming, they will get disheartened and quit

    - One point she stressed is that they keep a really diverse set of trainers on staff (men / women, really fit / a little larger, young / old, etc.) because different coaches will make certain people feel more comfortable

    - Some people can only honestly commit to walking for 10 minutes / day to start, but that’s better than a goal that exceeds their ability or interest: “If they don’t stick to it, it doesn’t matter anyway”

    Feedback on our rough prototype:


    - - Would want video of someone teaching my kids or kids like mine for this to resonate

    - - Want to see people doing well & doing poorly

    - - 1st year teachers might not want experienced teachers to be able to see their videos due to embarrassment

    - - Would be “neat” and “interesting” if people loaded 5-10 minute clips of themselves and showed them during PD so group could talk about strategies to cope with issues

    - - Like social network capabilities—would use this to find other 4th grade teachers in LA

    - - Want picture within a picture on video feed to see both teacher and class. Should be able to toggle which one is big / small picture or focus on just one or the other

    - - This should supplement existing PD, not replace it

    - - Like that you can have videos of yourself that reviews relate to so that it stays tangible, you can go back and look. Right now only have a piece of paper and 6 months later it’s no help

    - - If I wanted to improve my teaching skills I would (in this order):

    o Watch another teacher teach my kids live

    o Watch video of another teaching at my school teaching

    o Watch pre-made videos on specific skills / rubrics

    o Look at what other pre-made videos teachers in my school / network were viewing

    - - Could you use this video feed for parent-teacher conferences (provided waivers had been signed)? Would be great to be able to show parents how their kids behaved in class, e-mail them a clip, etc.

    - - First year teachers care more about kid-specific issues: “Do I need better questioning strategies? NO. I need to know how to get that kid to shut up so I can teach”

    What we learned about the user from our rough prototype:

    Our most current POV statement (descrip of user) needs ______ (think verb) b/c ______ (insight). :
    (Preliminary, please update!) Teachers who want to improve their teaching strategies need to be able to observe and interact with teachers who have mastered best practices so that they can conveniently and effectively reach their personal development goals.

    Preston Smith, Rocketship

    Interesting questions:
    - what questions do teachers want to ask about their own videos?
    - how do we separate assessment for development (good!) from assessment for performance evaluations (scary!)?
    - if students have different learning styles, do teachers? how do we ensure content is effective for everyone?

    Photos / videos from 5/19 Rocketship 2-on-1:
    Download file "IMG_0090.JPG"
    Download file "IMG_0091.JPG"
    Download file "IMG_0092.JPG"
    Download file "IMG_0093.JPG"
    Download file "IMG_0094.MOV"
    Download file "IMG_0095.MOV"
    Download file "IMG_0096.MOV"
    Download file "IMG_0097.MOV"
    Download file "IMG_0099.JPG"
    Download file "IMG_0100.JPG"
    Download file "IMG_0101.MOV"
    Last video split two pieces (not sure how to put them back together, let me know if you want the whole 88MB file)
    Download file "IMG_0098.zx01"
    Download file "IMG_0098.zipx"

    Business plan notes:
    Download file "IMG_0103.JPG"
    Download file "IMG_0104.JPG"

    Feedback Presentation Deck

    Download file "NTLB Presentation for Feedback 5.25.10 v2.pptx"


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