Wallet Project

    Download file "An Intro to Design Thinking 07_10_09.pdf"

    WHAT is it?

    wallet bootcamp 08
    The Wallet Project is very quick overview of the entire design process. In one hour we ask students to:
    • Sketch their ideal wallet
    • Interview their partner to gain insights about his/her wallet use
    • Define a point of view based on the insights they found
    • Sketch some new alternatives based on the point of view
    • Test these new ideas with their partner to gather feedback
    • Act on the feedback and build a wallet in the form of a physical prototype

    WHY do we do it?

    1) In bootcamp the wallet project is used on the first day of class to give students a glimpse of what the course will be like throughout the quarter:
    • Fast-paced
    • Experiential
    • Project-based
    • Biased towards action (more doing, less talking about doing)

    2) As soon as possible, we want to expose students to some of the main tenets of the design process:
    • User-centered
    • Prototype driven
    • Iterative

    3) At the d.school we like to practice what we preach. What better way to have a "bias towards action" then to run a hands on design project on the first day of class?

    HOW do we do it?

    1.) Organizational materials/schedules:

    The wallet exercised is tightly timed for a fast-paced experience. The exact scheduling is often modified based on ancillary activities (when applicable) to maximize the impact while minimizing the length of the experience.


    During the process of physical prototyping, participants are given free-reign over a wide and wild variety of materials. In many cases the most successful and compelling products deviate from the original conception of a "wallet": a cash hot air balloon, a washable Tyvek matchbook, and an inflatable music box have all been prototype ideas based on the needs uncovered during interviews!

    Mindful consideration of materials can help prevent default or easy-way-out solutions in order to get students more involved in the design process. During exercises, the d.school leans towards non-planar and non-cloth based supplies; these materials tend to encourage products with flat or planar configurations readily likened to existing wallets. Foam balls, pipe cleaners, and tongue depressors, for example, have been successful tools for getting participants to think three-dimensionally with prototype ideas.

    Here is the deck Rich gave for School Redesign Network in January 2009:
    Download file "SRN_Jan09_Workshop.zip"

    and the handout:
    Download file "SRN_Wallet_booklet_Jan09.pdf"

    smaller deck file:
    Download file "SRN_JAN09_Workshop_SF.pdf"

    - Here's the handout used in BootCamp v4.0, Fall 2008

    Download file "2008_Bootcamp_Day01_Wallet.pptx"

    - Here's another version of the Wallet that I have done for an Exec Ed, Redesigning Journalism, and a Knight Fellows presentation. Designed by Lia Ramirez with iterations by Corey Ford. PLEASE SEE NEW LEARNINGS BELOW!
    Download file "An Intro to Design Thinking 11x17 FINAL 2.indd"
    Download file "An Intro to Design Thinking.pdf"
    -Here's the latest slidedeck that I have been using to tee up the wallet project (Corey Ford):
    Download file "Intro to Design Thinking.key.zip"
    Download file "Intro to Design Thinking.ppt" (converted from keynote)
    Download file "Intro to Design Thinking.pdf" (converted from keynote)
    -What I have learned/would change on the next iteration:
    • Do not play music for the first two pages (the problem-solving approach to d.thinking, design the perfect wallet). Make that seem as much like a non-design thinking way of doing it as possible.
    • When you start the "design thinking approach to innovation" stop everything and be very explicit that you want them to FORGET ABOUT DESIGNING A WALLET. You task is not to design a wallet, your task is to deign something amazing for your partner. The wallet will just be used to introduce yourself to your partner. For the second interview, emphasize that the conversation does not have to be about the wallet, but rather about the person. Push them away from the wallet and functionality.
    • On "#4 Define a Problem Statement", The mad lib should read "needs A WAY to", NOT "needs to." This is very important to getting them to not jump to a solution. I am telling them to correct the document right now but a simple iteration on the document would be best.
    • Make the radical sketching of ideas almost a contest for who can get the most ideas down in the time period. Really emphasize volume and wildness. Be wild yourself. Throw out a crazy idea. Make it ok.
    • Typically, you have them build the prototype, share with each other, and then have the whole group put all the prototypes together on the floor or on the table to see the diversity of prototypes. Good questions to ask are "Who has something that was designed for them that they loved?""Is there anything on the floor someone wants to know more about?" Use those questions as launching off points to then unpack their design process. How did they get to that solution? What did it look like on the first iteration?
    • Try to give them time to do the reflection at the end.
    • I would change the graphics in the back to better reflect the update deck that I use.
    • It helps to have a large time timer duck-taped to rolling white board so everyone can see the time.
    • Loud, energizing music is absolutely key. I have two playlists - one upbeat but a little slower and one more club-like. I switch between the two. I especially make sure I play the club-like music when then are sketching and building.
    • This set of documents class for about a two hour session. I have done it in 100 minutes as well. Total steps are 75 minutes.
    • On the slide deck, holding up the Embrace prototype and having them guess what the product is is a GREAT way of illustrating how important getting out in the filed for user-centered design is. If they had not, the incubator they built would look like a box that plugs into a wall, not like a winter jacket for a baby.
    • Corey Ford (April 24, 2009)
    -I MADE THE ABOVE CHANGES FOR THE STANFORD PROFESSIONAL PUBLISHING COURSES 2009 WORKSHOP I DID ON JULY 10, 2009: (really like changing the mission away from wallet after the first round)
    Here are those elements:


    Download file "An Intro to Design Thinking 11x17 07_10_09 v2.indd" (InDesign)
    Download file "An Intro to Design Thinking 07_10_09.pdf" (pdf)

    New Introductory Slides:

    Download file "An_Intro_to_DT_Slides_07_10_09.key" (Keynote, original)
    Download file "An_Intro_to_DT_Slides_07_10_09.pdf" (PDF, converted)
    Download file "An_Intro_to_DT_Slides_07_10_09.ppt" (PPT, converted)


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