HPI-Stanford Feb. 2011 Workshop

Summary of Lectures+Activities+Assets+Outcomes for each teaching module


Students begin arriving

12:30-1:00 (GK):
Set up "Advanced students" with mindfulness cards and instructions

1:00-2:30 (HP, UW, GK):
HPI, Stanford, and SAP approaches to design.
Lecture and Discussion

2:30-3:30 (PS, SY):
Project Launch, Team Launch, Team get-to-know Activity
Lecture, Introduction Activity, Team Activity
Timing: Warm-up exercise (10 mins)
Introduction to topic (20 mins)
Team Breakouts (to get to know each other?) (30 mins)
Outcome: Teams formed and bonded, team spaces established (?)

3:30-4:00 (GK):
Content: Why empathy, Observation tool: What?/How?/Why?, Interviewing, Interview Prep, Team Roles, who/where for empathy: central personas, extreme users, analogous situations, experts.

TEAM WORK: Empathy/Fieldwork Prep time
Structure: Brainstorm and choose -- who/where and interview list
1. Who to talk to, where to find them
2. Scheduled expert interviews
3. Non-interview strategies (where/how to observe)
4. Aware of team roles (who is going to start as lead interviewer, etc.)
5. Stuff for field ready (logbooks, cameras, etc.)
6. Plan where/when to meet in Berlin

5:30-6:00 (GK):
Debrief: IL/IW

Happy Hour


9:00-1:00 (teams self-schedule):
TEAM FIELD WORK: Ethnography in Berlin
1. Interviews with captured notes and pictures, of multiple people
(in categories of central personas, extremes, analogous, and expert)
2. Observation with captured notes and pictures
3. Teams eat lunch on their own

1:00-1:30 (TB):
Meet back at Hub
Prototype LECTURE (Part One)
Content: Four reasons to prototype (gain empathy, explore ideas, test solutions, inspire others), stories/examples, focus on "prototype for empathy" to set up activity

TEAM WORK: Consider some potential insights that are emerging from morning ethnography, then create prototype(s) to dig deeper and learn more [note: NOT prototypes of solutions]
1. One or more transportable prototypes to engage users, as a way to gain more empathy
2. Who to talk to and engage with prototype for ethnography (may be narrower than morning)

TEAM FIELD WORK: Back into field for more fieldwork, with prototypes
1. Interviews with captured notes and pictures, of multiple people
(including response to prototype(s))
2. Observation with captured notes and pictures

4:30-5:30 (GK):
Meet back at Hub
Open discussion of stories from the field, interesting findings, etc.
This helps to jump start the synthesis process

5:30-6:00 (GK):
Advanced Debrief for advanced students: discussion of mindfulnesses

Happy Hour


9:00-9:30 (GK):
Warm-up, Mindfulness share

9:30-10:00 (GK):
Content: User, Needs, Insights, Why/How Laddering, Space Saturation, POV madlib (or Personal Ad?), User Empathy Map

TEAM WORK: Unpack empathy findings (retell stories and capture important points)
1. Stories from fieldwork aired
2. Space Saturation in team space (quotes, observations, thoughts individually written on post-its; pictures posted)
[On User Empathy map or general Space Saturation?]

TEAM WORK: Discover and list needs, insights, user attributes; build to Point-of-View
Structure: User Attributes, Needs, Insight "buckets" on board; then create POV
1. Lists of user attributes, needs, and insights
2. Written Point-of-View Statement
[Share POVs at end of session?]

Optional sketching activity over lunch 1:00-1:30

1:30-1:45 (GK):
Ideation LECTURE
Content: Brainstorming rules, building innovation potential, power of collaboration, brainstorm facilitation

Quick Improv Warm-up ("Yes, and" activity)
TEAM WORK: Create How-Might-We questions (brainstorming topics), Brainstorm, Select
1. Multiple HMW questions
2. Multiple brainstorms
3. Selection of top 2-3 ideas to take forward (use selection criteria: sure bet, delightful, longshot, etc.)

3:00-3:15 (TB):
Prototype LECTURE (Part Two)
Content: Review prototyping framework, focus on prototyping solutions (i.e. to test with users)

TEAM WORK: Create solution prototype(s)
1. One or more prototype(s) to test with users

4:30-5:30 (GK):
Team Dynamics Session
Content: "Team Reflections": team members give feedback to each other in IL/IW format (worksheet facilitates)
[End session with global IL/IW for the day?]

5:30-6:00 (GK):
Advanced Debrief for advanced students: discussion of mindfulnesses

[6:00-6:30: Huddle, eat, prep for public session]

Public Session
"Rethinking communication in an information overload environment"


9:00-9:30 (GK):
Warm-up, Mindfulness share

9:30-10:00 (TB):
Content: How to test: reminder of good technique, Team Roles for testing, Feedback Capture

TEAM WORK: Prepare to test with users
1. Intentional plan of how to test prototype(s)
2. Team roles decided

TEAM WORK: Test with Users
Structure: User "bullpen" (users wait in central area; teams can come get 1-2 at a time to test prototype and then bring them back and get others).
1. Prototype testing AND follow up conversation with users
2. Captured feedback (from observation and interview)


TEAM WORK: Unpack testing feedback (review and visually capture testing feedback)
1. Feedback captured visually (on post-its) populating Feedback Grid or User Empathy Map [which?]

1:45-2:00 (GK):
Content: Importance of iteration, stories

TEAM WORK: Iterate Solution
Teams refine solution or create new solution; revise POV based on feedback of prototypes
1. Revised or confirmed POV
2. Revised or new solution (single concise solution)

3:00-3:30 (GK):
Storytelling LECTURE
Content: Story Arc, empathy+tension+resolution in storytelling

TEAM WORK: Prepare presentations
Teams create and practice presentations
Worksheets to facilitate this:

1. 3-4 minute presentation to share empathy gained, POV, and solution

Dress Rehearsal
Structure: Teams pair up and give presentations, get feedback.

5:00-5:30 (GK):
Debrief: IL/IW

5:30-6:00 (GK):
Advanced Debrief for advanced students: discussion of mindfulnesses


9:00-9:30 (GK):
Warm-up, Mindfulness share

TEAM WORK: Final Presentation prep/practice

Final Presentations

11:30-12:00 (GK):
Celebratory wrap-up, pinning


Students prep to teach "Wallet," and set-up team spaces

Students teach wallets (to outside participants -- at least 40 needed)
Facilitator's Guide:

2:45-3:30 (GK, UW):
Debrief Teaching, Debrief Workshop

Happy hour, post-workshop hang out

Teaching team discussion

Dinner at Hasso's House


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