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Point of View

How might professional development consultants facilitate more embedded, teacher-centric professional development? Revised!

Embedded PD is ongoing, site-specific and context specific. It may be collaborative.

Teacher centric PD meets teachers where they are, it is about growing their practice, reflective and applicable

Our design process on a page:
Download file "P1150868.JPG"
Wiki Reflection Activity

Find a way to represent your team's design process and turn it in with your reflection sheet. If it makes sense, include process phases.

Generate 3 or more anecdotes about your team's process that you would love to share will help teach your grandchildren design thinking when take a classes. Example: In order to test how people act when they are anxious, we had people drink a 2 litters of water and wouldn't let them use the restroom until they answered 2 trivia questions (true student example about prototyping an experience with limited resources).

after keeping the ideas in our heads and walking through the story of our user a few dozen times on our own, we decided it was time to make it a team-sized conversation. we posted our web designs up on a wall and began tagging our pages with all the things we heard our users wanted and needed. it was a great breakthrough both in team interaction and product design!

Back in graduate school, in the early 2000's I took this quirky little class called No Teacher Left Behind. In this class we learned design thinking to address complex issues plaguing teachers and tried to design products or ideas to improve teacher effectiveness. You see, back then, we didn't have the fantastic evaluations systems that we do now. Any who, back then we decided created an online professional development platform for PD coaches to interact with teachers around specialized videos. We worked tirelessly on this project thinking about what we would need in a platform if we were pd coaches. But you see, that wasn't enough. We needed to get someones first hand experience to understand the needs of the user. So we ended up interviewing some fantastic pd coaches. One of the coaches was from a little company called WestED, apparently he was a big shot PD developer. Well, we showed Mr. WestED our prototype of the platform, and he gave great feedback of things he liked, didn't like or wouldn't use, and areas of improvement. Mr. WestED was incredibly helpful to our process. To this day, I don't make things for people unless I have a good sense of what their needs are and understand the user perspective.

once we had an idea about our user and their needs, we decided to flare, and brainstorm and hit the floor, next thing you know, we got low low low....

Individually, please add 3 elements to each category of the I like, I wish, how to wiki page.

Team Firehawk? Awesome!

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Link to NTLB 2010 Homepage

Team Norms

1. Have fun, laugh often

2. Communicate often

3. Pull your weight

4. Be on time or come with snacks

5. Be the outside of the box

Download file "files for groups_Page_9_MELODY.jpg" (team agreement)

Point of View

How might professional development consultants facilitate more embedded, teacher-centric professional development? Revised!

Embedded PD is ongoing, site-specific and context specific. It may be collaborative.

Teacher centric PD meets teachers where they are, it is about growing their practice, reflective and applicable

For April 27th class:
The 2-3 Analogous Situations we explored and what we learned:

1) Management consultant coaches client team on how to facilitate

  • rapport, client-focused interaction is important
  • finding time to give coaching is the biggest challenge
  • being honest feels difficult
  • real-time coaching (being able to see the person and give feedback directly after watching them) is more valuable - dialogue key
  • having a template, structuring feedback makes consultant's job easier, makes sure he/she doesn't miss anything
  • want to surface client's perception* this is beginning of change
  • helpful to have a toolbox for coaches on how to give feedback
  • want to connect feedback to actions (next steps)
  • crucial to have other coaches weigh-in

2) Teacher education instructor

  • Download file "Memo (1).m4a"
  • Download file "Memo.m4a"
  • privacy (who has access) very important - can affect social relations, hiring/firing
  • want practitioner to surface own reflections
  • want to see whole video, then stop at particular areas
  • want to scaffold learning of particular techniques


Feedback on our rough prototype:

What we learned about the user from our rough prototype:

  • coaches want to be 2 clicks away from all the most essential information

Our most current POV statement (descrip of user) needs ______ (think verb) b/c ______ (insight). :

ideas/components/aspects we are going to prototype on Thursday, April 29th:

platform view:
  1. all clients
  2. specific client
  3. coach's content library
  4. other favorite resources
  5. home/news feed
User interaction
Download file "P1150697.JPG"
Judy is a first year teacher. I can see that she is excited by the prospect of getting PERSONALIZED coaching;
she wishes she could have received feedback during her time at teacher's college
she also wishes she could access filmed workshops or resource teachers from her local district provide videos
She wonders how the site could FACILITATE her CHOICE of coach (we need a mechanism to allow people to refer coaches to their friends - maybe there is a suggested form for users to fill out, or it could be open form)
She would want strategies organized by teaching strand/category and age appropriateness (ideas for tags for our coach)
she would like to know what challenges people face when trying particular strategies, and other suggestions (i.e. maybe a challenge to use strategy for X students)

Brainstorm Photos

User interaction 2

Amanda has been an English language learning specialist consultant for the past four years. She and her facilitation team will typically engage 3 classes of 25 students per semester. The teachers she works with are from all around California, so she uses videos in her hybrid classroom different techniques. In her videos, a teacher teaches a segment of a class on video, gives a taped reflection on his/her teaching and lesson, followed by several experts who comment on different aspects of the teaching and lesson in the video. Amanda's teachers are emailed question guides that focus their viewing of the PD videos, and she uses the teacher reflections to evaluate their progress on their mutually-developed rubric.

Tools she wants:

Using videos to show more techniques:

  • The platform she uses now is inflexible. She finds it difficult to add new courses, updated videos, pages with multimedia and links to the existing platform. She wishes she had tools to be able to do these things without compromising the organization of the website
  • she wants to be able to customize her page
  • she wants to show lots of different teachers in different contexts demonstrating the same technique
  • she likes the convenience of her current video provider because they provide the cameras to tape
  • she is interested in her teachers' reflections and discussion. She uses their comments and reflections to gauge their learning.
  • she is concerned about how long the teachers can have access to her videos for, after they are not enrolled in her class anymore
Using videos for teacher-observation, collaboration and improvement:
  • thinks it's great! she would use this (And wants to know when the product is done!)
  • likes the running commentary bar, likes that others can collaborate this way
  • metrics: she wants to see teachers' growth over time
  • ***privacy: she wants to be able to assign access to allow certain individuals to see her teachers teaching. she wants privacy rules established. she comments that privacy is a selling point.
  • likes that the site organizes records of teacher comments
  • wants to be able to put links and recommend documents/readings in the comments
  • wants an place for teacher reflections to be uploaded so she is not being redundant in her coaching comments
  • evaluation: she wants to be able to connect her teachers' learning goals with the questions/comments/self-reflections they made that pertain to the learning goal, so she can evaluate their progress over time
other recommendations:
- she advises we look at district county offices who produce their own in-house videos, but do not have a place to publish
- she also suggests that we see if STEP is interested, as they do not have any formative video use


- prototype ways to get the groups to form (i..e how do teachers gain access to coaches) i.e. the sales page

- limit the number of goals

- want to see how video strategies link to student outcomes, not just things that look good on video, want to see end of lesson assessment

- concern that videos need to start with where the students are, what they need when assigning

- want to see teacher reflection on what they were looking for, versus what they saw

- be more explicit about what students are learning

- brainstorm around how reflections can come up (pop up video - this was what i was thinking)

- is there an opportunity for students to upload feedback

- how to facilitate data-driven coaching

More conversations...

Mindy and Carrie were Jasmine's teacher education instructors at OISE/UT. Summary: they would want to use the product to pull videos from PD experts for classroom instruction and observation. More deets in the doc.

Download file "formative teacher feedback - carrie and mindy.docx"

And more conversations still...

Meeting with some user experience experts at Intuit was amazing - it is clear they live and breathe design thinking - iterating on user feedback seems like a way of life in that space.

the big takeaways -

pick one user, and give a 9 word statement on why you want to help them

tell a story of the target's experience of your design product (sound familiar?)

details of the rest are pen and paper :)

Another fun thing:

Interest from CSMP for us to present our work at upcoming 2010 fall conference! Fingers crossed

May 20

Please see Group 9 for our combined business plan


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