NTLB 2010 Idea Book

    Link to NTLB 2010 Homepage

    1) Download file "Definition of the Freshman Team at Capuchino High School for the 2010.docx"

    (A local HS thinking about small schools within a bigger school. Solution to be piloted next school year).

    2) Download file "educ338xopportunityatsfusd.zip"
    (SFUSD wants help creating a teacher dashboard)

    Hagar, Monique, Macy, Melody, Tirzah. Together, we focused on how to re-brand school success. We can up with the following best brainstorm ideas:

    3) Make a reality TV show (like the Hills) where stars are high performing students who care about school
    4) Feature stories about successful students in school, local and national newspapers
    5) Create a nerd pride campaign which includes a parade and celebrities coming out as nerds
    6) Reconfigure school work so that working hard in school is fun (just like working hard in sports is fun)

    Paul, Janelle, Aisha and Zach submitted:

    7) To make tests fun – Turning them into a scavenger hunt or a virtual scavenger hunt (online, software-based game) – includes ‘test pal’ (kooky character who makes funny comments along the way)

    8) Celebratory environment on test days – music, dancing, food, jokes, games

    9) To make teachers more interested in growth, understanding how they can progress – dedicated PD coach who creates more personalized plans, better opportunities

    10) Recognition of teachers who have made largest strides in their own personal growth

    11) To help AP teachers be willing to expand their AP classes to more diverse learners – inspirational video that combines success stories, student and teacher interviews, presents research, and reframes good AP teachers as those who reach the most students

    12) To help AP teachers be willing to expand their AP classes to more diverse learners – recruit more diverse AP teachers

    Hannah, Brian, and Nancy

    How might we get to teachers to follow through on their teacher development plans?

    13) - Create a “points” system where they can trade points in for supplies, training time, parking spaces, etc.

    14) - Give teachers who have mastered certain skills time off from courseload to teach others / share best practices

    15) - Create standardized awards across a district / state to reward best practices and improvement

    16) - Set up a buddy system where teachers with similar development areas are paired up and meet regularly to talk about their progress

    How might we make online curriculum more 'plug and play'?

    17) - Develop drag-and-drop iPad app for curriculum development and upload including stylus so teachers can handwrite plans, program to send document between iPads / work on them jointly, and ability to build own templates for lesson plans

    How might we help teachers deal with emotional burden of their teaching environment?

    18) - Provide big incentives to help deal with stress (e.g. gym memberships, spa days, massages, etc.)

    19) - Create localized Twitter-esque blog between teachers in same part of development curve (e.g. same tenure or same subject area)

    20) - Provide a toolkit that current first-year teachers make for next year’s new teachers that includes information on resources, contact information, and advice for dealing with difficult classroom situations and student’s home problems. Could be used to launch mentorship program between teacher who creates and receives toolkit.

    from Christopher, Gavin and Mike:
    21) Water-to-Wine– How to improve teacher performance criteria, collection, evaluation and delivery
    22) Student 3000 – Creating a (electronic?) system to capture a larger set of data points on student performance (civic, behavior, academic, 21st century – public speaking, technology, interpersonal skills) from a broader set of sources (Teachers, peers, self, families, faculty/staff, admin)
    23) EDUC 339X “My PD and ME” (MANDATORY) – Create an Ed school course (STEP) teaching future teachers how to best utilize and incorporate PD into their careers
    24) Race to the PD Top - Create a way to publicize PD follow-through to the broader community (other teacher, students, parents, etc.) and incorporate PD follow-through into compensation plans for teachers
    25) Tale of Two Teachers – Create pre-hire training materials to motivate PD follow-through for teachers (e.g., videos, statistics, etc.) highlighting the benefits of PD for teacher performance improvement

    From Jason Lange:
    26) HMW create a platform for video-based teacher collaboration, facilitate conversations between teachers around improving teacher practices, and allow teachers to build their own personal development plans.

    from Jasmine, Brady, Ricardo and Julie:

    27): Web portal for teachers

    The product of our brainstorm session is an online teacher portal. Our portal emerged from combining two of our brainstorm products which we thought were both likely to succeed. The first and more methodical approach involves the formation of curriculum construction teams that would involve k12 teachers, university professors, administrators, parents, and students. These curriculum construction teams would select a curriculum standard of interest and develop a lesson to teach the standard; the lesson plan would detail relevant contexts, intriguing questions that drive interest, specific content, and key questions to elicit student interaction with the ideas. The lesson would be taught by a teacher who participated in the planning process and subject to the curriculum construction team's observations on the student learning, which would inform iterations and improvements in the lesson. The final lesson and accompanying materials would be made available through the teacher portal for other teachers to use, thus the time and effort spent in producing "perfected" lessons would pay off. As teachers contribute to the growing lesson base, teachers will have access to a full range of tried and tested lessons.

    The portal would feature the curriculum as the main component for attracting teachers to use this tool for collaboration. The second brainstorm topic was to add more user-generated material: Teachers could comment on and rate the lessons, give suggestions for modifications (i.e. for special needs, English language learners, high/low tech classrooms), post supporting lesson materials (i.e. photos, videos, reproducibles, etc.). Lessons could also be linked by topic and style (think Gardner's multiple intelligences). This would allow for informal online collaboration around a tried and tested master lesson.

    The portal would feature an easy to use and intuitive interface that will enable veteran teachers who are not quite web savvy to feel welcomed to collaborate with junior teachers. The portal would feature status or ratings standings for contributors as well as mini bios describing the background and prior contributions of member teachers or curriculum construction teams.

    28): Increasing time for teacher collaboration

    What if teachers could elect to be paid 4/5 of their salary each year for 4 years of teaching, followed by a paid sabbatical year to observe practices, mentor and collaborate? This would help fight teacher burnout, increase ongoing professional learning and give teachers time to collaborate.

    29): Increasing time and incentive for teacher collaboration

    Schools can pair up with trade schools (i.e. aesthetics, massage, yoga, cooking school, laundry service) to offer teachers weekly perks that both save time, and allow them to be together to collaborate - teachers can get their nails done or do yoga, get a massage, share meals, have their laundry taken care of - all while collaborating! The trade schools benefit by having test audiences for their training. These services will happen in the schools and can serve as an incentive for collaboration as well as a way to help teachers' mental health and feelings of connection to their peers and the school.

    30). BetterLesson - Getting teachers to organize curricula in the cloud

    31). BetterLesson – Getting admins to give teachers in-school or out of school time for online curriculum organization and sharing

    32). BetterLesson – Getting schools to prioritize the capturing and sharing of teacher study videos.

    33). BetterLesson – What is the most effective way to use teacher-study videos-- aka how do teachers get the most out of viewing other teachers teaching?

    34). BetterLesson – How do teachers most want to find useful instructional resources when searching? Do they want to find whole units? Worksheets? Full lessons? And how do they want to search for them? By state standard? By keyword tags?

    35). BetterLesson – Design the best web-based, calendar/timeline tool for teachers that respects unit-planning best practices.

    From Lizeth's group:

    36) - Consultant-like professional development training as a way to make PD more worthwhile and effective — including customized feedback and training. E.g., 360-degree review where peers, students and parents fill out survey on teacher. PD based on needs identified in review.

    37)Using gambling to teach math and make it more relevant and meaningful for students — using probabilities, possibly a “casino day”

    38) Website that takes teacher inputs on student needs, personality/style, past performance and generates 3-6 month curriculum recommendation

    39) “Adventure Professional Development” incorporating ropes courses, climbing, etc. to develop trust, set goals, build teamwork, create positive teacher mindsets

    40) Match.com for professional development — Connects you with a teacher not at your school as a collaboration partner, share teaching videos, provide feedback, etc.


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