Tours and Visitors

    We get a lot of requests from people for tours of the d.school, everything from a day-of ambush by an interested prospective student, to a carefully planned visit by a delegation from a foreign country. Here’s how we try to handle the deluge.

    Solution #1: Scheduled Tour Times

    We host public tours most Fridays starting at noon (with a more limited schedule during the summer). The tour runs an hour, including plenty of time for questions & answers. The tours are hosted by d.school students and alums who are experts in design thinking and are excited to share their experiences with using the methodology in the field. We do not offer tours at alternative times. For a complete list of tour dates, please see our website: https://dschool.stanford.edu/contact-us#tours

    Solution #2: DIY

    Feel free to bring in, host, and tour around any person or small group of people that you like. Many d.school community members already do this very effectively. For more information or tools to help guide your hosts, please click the links below.
    • The d.school Guide to Visiting Groups Download file "The d.school Guide to Visiting Groups.pdf"
    • d.school Tour Script (complete) Download file "d.tour content final.pdf"
    • d.school Tour Script (outline) Download file "d.tour outline.pdf"
    • d.school Tour FAQ Download file "d.Tour FAQs.pdf"
    • d.school Tour (shorter format) Download file "Tour Cards for Tour Leaders (tour only).pdf"
    • Tour Map of the d.school Download file "tour map.pdf"
    If your group is going to be larger than a small gaggle, you’ll need to connect with Hannah Joy Root by emailing her at info@dschool.stanford.edu to get a sense of what is happening in the space at the time you propose to come. Generally, we’ll try to work out a good time for you to bring your larger group over.

    If you’d like to sit in on a class, you must contact the teaching team in advance to ask about it.

    Visiting Teams

    Visiting teams of alumni and other related groups who are looking for spaces to drop in and work are welcome to use the Atrium and Grove or reservable spaces that are not in significant use by students and teaching teams.


    Parking on campus can be tricky. We do recommend the Tresidder parking lot for most visitors. Directions to the Tressider parking lot as well as directions to our building, can be found here. We do not provide parking passes for outside groups or groups hosting events in the space.

    If a group is arriving in a chartered bus or van, see here for more information. Stanford does have specific rules regarding parking tour buses or chartered vans. Once the van/shuttle or bus unloads, the driver would need to move to the bus parking area according to the campus protocol above.

    The closest a shuttle or van (15 passenger van or smaller) can get to the building is the intersection of Samuel Morris & Panama Mall, near Terman Park. This is a loading/unloading zone and after the bus unloads, it needs to move ASAP. From there the bus should follow the same protocol that the University requires for Tour Buses. You can find more information about the Tour Bus Protocol here.

    If you are interested in more information regarding Stanford's parking guidelines in general, please see the Stanford Visitor Parking page.


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