Reservations + Resets

    Reserving Time and Space

    As an enrolled student at the d.school, you have 24x7 access to the Atrium, the Bay Studio, and the Digital and Physical Prototyping rooms. These rooms will likely be all you need for the majority of your d.school experience.

    But at some point you might need to use a conference phone, a GIANT whiteboard space, or an intimate conversation space. We've got you covered! Below is info on how to RESERVE a space, and even more importantly, how to RESET it for the next group of d.schoolers.

    To reserve spaces (classrooms and meeting rooms) at the d.school, send an email to spaces@dschool.stanford.edu. Please include the following info:

    • The space you would like to reserve (Studio 1, Studio 2, Concept Car, Conference Room, Atrium, etc.)
    • The day and time you would like to reserve the space
    • How many people will be using the space
    • If you will be serving food


    Resetting the Space

    Download & print it out, or look for the BIG signs on the walls of the spaces you're using.


    Studio 1: Download file "reset_studio_1_winter2011.pdf"
    Studio 2: Download file "reset_studio_2_winter2011.pdf"
    Bay Studio: Download file "reset_bay_studio_winter2011.pdf"


    Concept Car: Download file "reset_concept_car_winter2011.pdf"
    Atrium: Download file "reset_atrium_winter2011.pdf"
    Grove: Download file "reset_grove_winter2011.pdf"


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