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    General Info & Files

    Course Syllabus // Coming soon.

    Glide Background Binder // This document contains a generous amount of background information on Glide, including their missions, a description of the services they offer, a copy of one of their newsletters, information about their meals program, budget, etc. Please review these materials before class on April 6.

    Download file "Glide Background Binder.pdf"

    Glide Contact List // This document contains the appropriate contacts for each project, plus the contact info of other Glide staff involved in this project.

    Download file "Glide Contact Info.docx"

    d.school Bootcamp Bootleg // Click on the the link below in order for a great source for d.school tools & methods. Please download & apply the methods while working on your project! Caroline, Sam and I are happy to help you use these methods.


    Project Information

    1. The Meals Program Line Project // How to ensure 1 meal per person while maintaining dignity.
    2. The Nutrition Project // How to take a feeding program and transform it into a nutrition program.
    3. The Communication Project // Glide clients are spending a lot of their day in lines--how to be respectful of their time.

    Some other ideas for local visits: visiting Sanctuary or Next Door shelters (run by Episcopal Community Services), checking out one of the local food pantries, waiting in one of the shelter reservations lines, checking out St. Anthony’s meals program, looking at the grocery/food programs offered by Project Open Hands, going to one of the smaller meals providers (I can send a list/schedule if that would be helpful), learning more about the SRO’s in the TL.

    contact person for Project Open Hands: Dan Schuman - 415-477-2361