Green lighting process for teaching a class at the

Here’s the best process to follow if you want a course greenlit at the

1. Well before the course proposal deadline date, familiarize yourself with the, the courses we teach, and our space.

2. Concretize your ideas, form a diverse teaching team and prepare a draft proposal of a course you’re interested in teaching. Note that we never greenlight a new full-quarter class unless it has been taught as a Pop-Up first, so keep that in mind when building your draft. Pop-ups need to be tightly scoped.
3. Visit us during office hours well before the course proposal deadline. This is required. We don’t greenlight courses from new teams that we haven’t met. Bring both your draft class proposal as well as a detailed course arc and plan with you for feedback. It’s very helpful to have something specific to respond to versus general ideas.
4. Iterate on your course, and be prepared to share the experiences you’ll create for students.
Office Hours  – 2nd floor, teaching teams suite off of the bay studio
Fri March 6   10:30-11:30
Fri March 20 9:30-10:30
Thu April 2   9:30-11:30
Thu April 9   9:30-11:30
Thu April 16 9:30-11:30