Founder’s Studio: Guerrilla Branding for Entrepreneurs

Create a Revolutionary Brand for Your Start Up

Fall 2012
Hone Your Skills
3-day Workshop

Wed 10/17, 10/24 and 11/7, 6:00p – 9:00p
Studio 2
Directed Study
1 Unit
Credit/No Credit
3-day Workshop

The fall quarter offering for Founder’s Studio will focus on how to instantly communicate who you are and what you do–also known as branding.

No need to have an idea yet for what your startup will be, we’ll have a project for you to practice your skills on. Just come as you are, and plan to dive into three intense evening studio sessions. You’ll leave the course with a set of tools you can apply to any startup you want to build, a deeper understanding of how to create a strong brand, and and understanding of why it’s a fundamental key to building a successful start up.

The core teaching team for this class: Guthrie Dolin, a VP at award-laden digital agency Odopod (and the creator of the brand), and Caroline O’Connor, former Storyteller-in-Chief at the and currently Designer in Residence at Google Ventures. We’ll be joined by bigwig guests.

Enrollment limited to 24 students.

Teaching Team
Caroline O’Connor, Google Ventures and
Guthrie Dolin, Odopod and


Founder’s Studio: Guerrilla Branding for Entrepreneurs