FEED the Change

Redesigning Food Systems

Fall 2016
11:30 – 1:20
Studio 1
2 – 3 Units
Letter Grade
Launched 2013


FEED the Change is a project-based course focused on solving real problems in the food system. Targeted at upper-class undergraduates, this course provides an opportunity for students to meet and work with thought-leading innovators, to gain meaningful field experience, and to develop connections with faculty, students, and others working to create impact in the food system.  Students in the course will develop creative confidence by learning and using the basic principles of human-centered design.  Students will also learn basic tools for working effectively in teams and for analyzing complex systems.  FEED the Change is taught at the d.school and is offered through the FEED Collaborative in the School of Earth.  For more information about our work and about past class projects, please visit our website at http://feedcollaborative.org/classes/

Enrollment limited to 20 undergraduate and 1st year coterminal students.
Apply here by September 23

Teaching Team
Debra Dunn, d.school
Matt Rothe, d.school


FEED the Change