Fail Faster

How to Navigate, Bounce Back, and Even Flourish From Failure

Spring 2015
Wed 3:15p – 5:05p
Studio 1
ME 379
1 Unit
Credit/ No Credit
Launched 2013

Fail Faster will dive deeply into one of design thinking’s key tenets: Fail early, fail often. Students will explore ways to: [1] become comfortable with uncertainty, [2] develop tools to navigate situations of failure, and [3] learn to turn failures into opportunities. This exercised-based workshop will examine the physiological impact of failure and practice the psychological traits and the power of resilience through hands-on activities. Participants will acquire techniques to help them navigate, bounce back, grow and even flourish in the face of their failures.

Enrollment limited to 16 graduate students.
Application closed

Teaching Team
Grace Hawthorne, Paper Punk and
Guthrie Dolin, Originate and
Manish Saggar, PhD Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences