Emotion by Design

Spring 2016
April 30- May 1, 10:00am – 6:00pm
Studio 1

Innovative brands seek to connect with consumers on a personal level in an effort to build relationships and loyalty. Beyond designing highly functional and effective products and services, modern brands delight consumers in new, unexpected ways from the anthropomorphic look of a product to sensory branding in a store.

How might we design products and services that prioritize connecting with users on an emotional level?

This class we will explore the potential for design to affect human interaction and experiences through the unique lens of “product personality”—what are the implications of designing an “introverted” shopping experience versus a “greedy” bank account? The arc of the course is designed in 4 chapters:

  1. Explore taboo topics such as addiction, discomfort, ugliness and friction as a springboard to design.
  2. Create products or services with personalities. A compassionate diet app. A mood changing wearable. An altruistic coffee shop.
  3. Prototype and test the product’s emotional connection with the user.
  4. Activate and communicate the product in context (i.e. retail pop-up, video campaign or digital ad).

This class is for individuals who are well versed in the design thinking process (empathy mapping, insights and prototyping), but desire to push their growth by challenging traditional product development norms. Highly collaborative and fast paced, each team will develop their own extreme product, service, or experience that hooks users on an emotional level.

Accepting 30 students. All students encouraged to apply.
Application Closed

Teaching Team
Courtney Song, Senior Environments Designer and Project Lead, IDEO
Simon Davey, Senior UX Designer, AKQA
Li Xu, Design Lead, IDEO

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