Gear up!: How to kick off a crash course

“Be a Design Thinking facilitator! ”

Join a community of learners, do-ers and teachers. Journey through a Design Thinking experience, apply it in the real world, and go forth and teach others the methodology.

Crash Course Requirements:

  • This is a paired activity, so there must be an even number of participants.
  • Internet connection, a large screen or projector with sound.
  • Prototyping materials (arts & crafts supplies).
  • Print outs of handouts supplied.

Facilitator roles:

  • Coordinate a group of participants and meeting space. There must be a minimum of 2 people, but no maximum for the number or participants.
  • Present Opening Remarks on WHAT Design Thinking is to you, and why this is an important exercise for the group. There are NO wrong answers here.
  • Facilitate and document the Crash Course debrief.
  • Help your team move from learning design thinking to doing design thinking by visiting “Chart your own course” — It may help you to review the various mixtapes ahead of time so that you have a hunch as to what direction your team might want to take.

Step-by-step Instructions:

    1. Set up the room and materials.
      • Space should be configured to allow for participants to pair up near one another easily.
      • Check the AV before the meeting: test play and buffer the video; test the audio in the room.
      • Have enough prototyping materials available (candy is always a nice add).
      • Please print the following documents for each participant:

[Get it in German, JapaneseSpanish, Basque or French here.]


    1. Read the playbook.

[The playbook and video in Japanese can be found here.]

  1. Play the video and follow the prompts.
    • Play upbeat music during all steps while participants work, and turn it down to give instruction.
    • Be assertive about keeping the timing tight. Follow the gong!
Gear up!: How to kick off a crash course