Designing Your Leadership Legacy

Two Evening Workshop
May 13 & 15
6:00p – 8:00p
Concept Car
0 Units

Quit taking leadership classes and sitting occasionally spellbound through motivational speeches.  Take the bull by the horns and design your own, authentic way of being a leader.  Create a vision for yourself, doing the meta-analysis of your actions and build a toolkit that will allow you to be your own professor of self-directed leadership learning.

What is your legacy as a leader?  In this three day pop-up design class, we’ll challenge you to examine your personal style as a leader, and how you can consciously develop your personal power.  Different contexts – corporations, start ups, and the military – have unspoken rules about what it means to lead, ‘It’s weak to consider your suboridnates’ needs, but strong to empathize with your superiors.’  or, ‘Failure is acceptable, as long as it’s not really failure, but a good story.’  You’ll use the design process to unpack the influences of those different cultures and think about how to set your own paradigm for leading.

Teaching Team
Anne Gibbon,
Fred Leichter,
Guido Kovalskys,
Matt Haney,

Enrollment limited to 25 students. Applications close April 14 at 11:59pm. Apply here: