Designing Human Scale Cities

Winter 2016
Saturday Feb 20, 9:00am through Sunday Feb 21 6:00pm
San Francisco

50% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. By 2050 this will increase to 80%. Life in a mega-city is both enchanting and problematic. Today we face peak oil, climate change, loneliness and severe health issues due to our way of life. But why? The Danish architect and professor Jan Gehl has studied human behavior in cities through 40 years. He has documented how modern cities repel human interaction, and argues that we can build cities in a way, which takes human needs for inclusion and intimacy into account. This class explore how might we give agency to the individual citizen to use design thinking mindsets, methods, and modes to experiment towards a better city.

It is a highly immersive class during which you’ll spend two full days and nights in the city of San Francisco. This class is not a taste or sampler of design thinking, but rather an activation of you as a designer.

This is a class for you if you…
– have rocked at least one class before
– are eager to apply your design thinking skills in the world
– want to take responsibility for your learning and pull what you need from the city

Accepting 12 Students. Open to Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, Fellows, post-docs. Apply here before Sunday December 6 at 11:59pm.

Teaching Team
Seamus Harte,
Tania Anaissie,
Erik Olesund,
Chad Rochkind, Human Scale Studio