Design Thinking Studio: Hacking Your Innovation Mindset

Fall 2016
Tue / Thu
9:00 – 11:40am
Studio 2
ME 377
4 units
Letter Grade

This course is for you if you want to:

-Tackle real-world problems using human-centered design. One of the class projects will be in collaboration with a local organization and one will be sourced from the interests of the students in the class.

– Explore and expand your identity as a creative individual, and increase your capacity to foster a culture of innovation in teams and organizations.

– Sharpen your leadership & collaboration skills, as part of an experiential learning community composed of students from diverse backgrounds.

– Connect with fantastic resources. In addition to your peers and the teaching team, you will work with guest experts and visit Bay Area companies/organizations.


Limited enrollment. Open to graduate students.

To be considered for the class, you must:

  1. submit your application (by completing this form by Monday 9/26), AND,
  2. attend the first session on Tuesday 9/27.

Teaching Team

Leticia Britos Cavagnaro – Co-Director of University Innovation Fellows program,
Maureen Carroll – Founder, Lime Design & Lecturer,
Frederik G. Pferdt – Chief Innovation Evangelist, Google & Lecturer,


Design Thinking Studio: Hacking Your Innovation Mindset