Design Thinking Basic Training

Two Evening Pop-Up
January 22 & January 29
3:15p – 6:15p Atrium
0 Units

Design Thinking Basic Training is a high-intensity, short-format introduction to fundamentals of design thinking. Students in Basic Training will tackle a real design project using some of the most instrumental design thinking methods that the has pioneered.

Basic Training content and methodology is intended to expose students to fundamental skills they need to succeed not only in courses, but in their other course work as well. The course format is designed to fit into students’ existing schedule rather than require enrollment for the entire quarter. Students must be able to attend both sessions and complete up to two hours of homework outside of class.

Enrollment limited to 50 students. Applications close January 7.  Apply here:

Teaching Team
Jeremy Utley,
Perry Klebahn,
Thomas Both,
Stacey Gray,