d.org: Designing Creative Organizations

Fall 2015
Tue / Thu
10:30a – 11:50a
Studio 1
3 Units
C / NC
Launching 2015

Students will learn and apply several frameworks for organization design and human centered design. They’ll also get a rare, in-person view into the fabric of industry-leading organizations during project work outside of class. They’ll discover how company leaders inculcate the notion of user empathy into their DNA, to create compelling customer experiences and extraordinary work environments. Employing a human-centered approach, interdisciplinary teams will explore the partner companies and identify opportunities to design for positive organizational impact. After generating a range of initial ideas, teams will prototype focused interventions taking the form of novel roles, tools, spaces, rituals and more. Students will learn how design thinking applies to leading creative organizations. They will be exposed to and experiment with multiple organizational design models in a real-world environment. They will work in teams and learn from their peers’ professional experience by participating in projects together.

Accepting 24-30 graduate students and professional fellows.
Application closed

Teaching Team
Sarah Soule, Morgridge Professor of Organizational Behavior at the GSB, Professor of Sociology (by courtesy), School of Humanities and Sciences
Justin Ferrell, d.school fellowships director, practitioner of organizational change in media