Creative Collisions for Leaders of Innovation

Fall 2015
Tue Oct 6
Studio 2

Artists are constantly challenging assumptions as they push boundaries and create new ways of looking at the world. The world of business is hungry for innovation, but often not quite sure how to get there. What if these two worlds came together? Join us for Creative Collisions for Leaders of Innovation, a vibrant new offering that brings together the world of business and the world of art. It’s an opportunity for emerging entrepreneurial leaders to engage in dynamic learning experiences with the real experts in creativity- our artists. You’ll learn about yourself as a leader by taking risks, challenging assumptions, developing empathy, fostering collaboration, generating ideas, and leave with tools and strategies to cultivate organizational creativity and drive sustainable innovation in an organization.

Accepting 35-45 students. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to apply. Apply here.

Teaching Team
Lisa Rowland, Improviser
Maureen Carroll, Lecturer


Creative Collisions for Leaders of Innovation