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Classes Taught in Past Years

Browse classes taught in past years. These classes may be taught again in the future.

Advanced Design Studio
Business Collaboration to Promote a Sustainable Food System
Building Innovative Brands
Bursting the ‘Impossible’ Bubble: The Art of Creative Engagement
Collaborating with the Future: Launching Large Scale Sustainable Transformations
Connectors, Analyzers & Quiet Listeners

Creative Gym: A Design Thinking Skills Studio
Creativity and Innovation (Winter)
Creativity and Innovation (Spring)
Creativity Rules
Civic Dreams, Human Space
d.compress: Designing Calm
Design for Healthy Behavior Change
d.leadership: Design Leadership in Context Designing Media that Matters Designing Creative Organizations :: prototyping organizational change Design for Science
Design for Extreme Affordability (2 Qtrs)
Design Garage: A Deep Dive in Design Thinking (2 Qtrs)
Designing for Safety in Labor and Delivery
Designing Liberation Technologies
Design Thinking Bootcamp
Design Thinking Studio: Experiences in Innovation and Design
Design Thinking for Public Policy Innovators
Designing for Sustainable Abundance
Designing Solutions to Global Grand Challenges

Designing the Way Up: Disruptive Solutions for Poverty in America
Emotion by Design
Engelbart’s Unfinished Legacy
Engineering Innovation
Fail Faster
FEED Lab: Innovating in the Local Food System
FEED the Change: Redesigning Food Systems
Foundations of Design for Design Thinkers
Founder’s Studio: Guerrilla Tactics for Entrepreneurs
From Maps to Meaning
From Play to Innovation
Game Design: Making Play
Give Big or Go Home
Humanize My Ride
Investigative Design
Innovations in Education
Introduction to Legal Design
Methods in Systems Thinking
Movie Design
Organizational Psychology of Design Thinking
Out of the Lab: Design Thinking for Scientists & Engineers in the Real World
Prototyping and Rapid Experimentation Lab
Rapid Experimentation Lab
Rebooting Government with Design Thinking
Redesigning the Neonatal ICU
ReDesigning Theater: Interactive Art & Performance Design (2 Qtrs)
ReRide: Redesigning the Rider Experience in Ridesharing
Rethinking Purpose
Scaling Design Thinking Globally (when everyone isn’t in the same room)
SparkTruck: Designing Mobile Interventions for Education
StoryViz: Communication Redesigned
The Consumer Mind and Behavior Design
The Designer in Society
Transformative Design
Understanding Superfans and Their Heroes
Visual Design Fundamentals


Pop-Up Classes

#PML: Prototype My Life
21st Century Schools Challenge
A Sampler
Agile Feds: A Design Sprint
Brainstorming Beyond Post-Its
Bridging the Technology/Customer Divide in Big Data
Building Entrepreneurial Insight for Scientists and Engineers
Chaos to Clarity : finding order in a disorganized world
Chocolate Head-Space
Creative Collisions for Leaders of Innovation
d.loops: Reimagining Sustainability Pop-Up Class: Visual Design Basics
d.nature: Exploration in Biologically Inspired Design
Design for Everyday Social Good
Design for the Weary
Design Sprints for Startups
Design Thinking Basic Training
Design Thinking for Schools
Design Thinking Tonic – First Shot: People & Spaces
Design with the Brain in Mind
Design Your Startup
Designing Civic Technologies with Virtual Reality
Designing Empathy Based Organizations
Designing Fun
Designing Life, Essentially
Designing Organizations
Designing Successful Teams: Creative Success with any Team
Designing with Data
Designing Your Leadership Legacy
EngagED: Redesigning the Classroom Experience
Flail or Flourish: The SuperPower of Resilience
From Maps to Meaning: MapLab
Game Design: Making Fun
Get on the Truck! Building Creative Confidence with the SparkTruck Team
Get Smart: Making Complicated Information Simple
Getting to Trust in Conflict Environments
Give Big or Go Home
Giving Tuesdays for #GivingTuesday
Green Alleys SF: Eco-Neighborhood Innovations
Heartistry: Design Thinking from an Artist’s Perspective
How To Be a Cyborg
Human-Centered Sustainability
Improv and Design
In the Heart of Social Movement
Interactions with a Human Touch
Iterate an Everyday Object
Know Your Humans: Designing Effective User Research
Law by Design: Making Law People-Friendly
Leadership through Flow: Boxing, Dance, and Philosophy
Look Mom, I Hacked the Refrigerator! New Approaches to Designing and Prototyping Systems
Needfinding in the Wild
Negotiation by Design
Notebook Neophyte to Whiteboard Warrior
Open Eyes, Open Minds: Visual Thinking Strategies
Organizational Psychology of Design Thinking
Out of the Lab: Design Thinking for Scientists & Engineers in the Real World
Parks, Plazas, Public Spaces: Designing for Communities at Play
Prototyping San Francisco
Prototyping Systems
Redesigning Criminal Justice
ReDesigning the Hospital Birth Experience
Redesigning the News Ecosystem
Reshaping Engineering Culture with Design Thinking
Research as Design: Redesign Your Research Process
Ritual Design: Designing Meaning into Everyday Experiences
Scaling Design, Thinking Globally
Scaling Sharing
Sex & Design
Sharing with Strangers
Social Brands
Special Effects Studio
Sticky Stories
Subjective Obsessive Beauty: Amplifying Your Creative Practice
Synthesis – finding the meaning that matters
Taming Tempation: Design for Self-Control
The Art of Observational Research
The Consumer Mind and Behavior Design
The Decay of Digital Things
The Future of Participation: Games, Storytelling, Music
The River of Life: Designing for Flow
Topics in Design Research: d.think Outside the
Visual Storytelling
Where Did You Go, Olympia Snowe?
Whizbang! Toy Invention
Why Should I Wear This? Value Propositions and Prototyping for Wearables

Special Projects Partnership: Unlocking Creative Confidence in Young People