Build Your Startup With the Hero Coefficient Workshop

Two evening workshop
March 12, 13
5:30p – 7:30p
Studio 2
0 units

In this two-session workshop of 120 minutes each, you will learn how to harness the power of a ‘hero’ to benefit your startup idea. Utilizing the skills of ‘interviewing for empathy,’ you will launch a prototype to harness the hero coefficient to create a compelling story for your start up.

The idea of a hero begins as a dependent relationship: Heroes fight their own battles, but only when their peers raise them up can they achieve hero status. When we consider why heroes ‘work,’ we often focus on the mythic demigod and overlook the society; in fact no hero can be self-identified. The two are interwoven. In this two-part workshop we will dive deep into the ways people get on with their heroes. How do they talk about them? How they view them? Why did they choose them? Do they view their own life vis-a-vis their hero? Your goal will be to listen, connect and mobilize these learnings into a prototype to capture and share stories. What you build and launch will be the ultimate hero storytelling capture / sharing device (UHSCSD). Your prototype won’t arise as a result of an idea you spitballed, but from the gold you mine from your interviews. Interviewing for empathy allows us to understand a person’s thoughts, emotions, and motivations, so that we can determine how to innovate for an individual person. By understanding the choices that person makes and the behaviors that person engages in, we can identify their needs and design for those preferences. Students will work in small groups to create storyboards that outline their ideas. This class is a workshop for a longer Spring Term class, also at the Funding for this workshop is made possible by the Revs Program at Stanford.

Teaching Team
Michael Sturtz, ME Design
Reilly Brennan, REVS Program

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