Cross Cultural Design

Nearly 20 students from China are working with Stanford students at the this week as part of a joint project in cross-cultural design.

The project kicked off with a workshop here at Stanford this week, then Stanford students will travel to Peking University and the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing for a second workshop during spring break. This is the second year that cross-cultural design has been offered as a class at Stanford and PKU, it has expanded to include students from CAFA, one of the oldest and most respected fine arts schools in China.

Throughout spring quarter, students from China and the US work together to tackle real-world design projects with corporate and NGO partners. Students from all three schools take a cross-cultural design class at their home university, then work with students from the other schools on team projects. The theme of the class this year is health and well-being, a rich topic for cross-cutural learning and collaboration.

And, of course, what would a class bonding experience be without Play-Doh? Students paired off to design new ways to eat each other’s favorite foods, then shared their results.