d.school in the NYT

d.school was featured in a NYT article on Sunday that looked at how business schools are broadening their thinking.

The human-centered focus of design thinking has its roots in the School of Engineering, but we welcome students from every part of campus because we believe the most innovative ideas come from multidisciplinary teams.GSB students and faculty have been early and enthusiastic adopters of design thinking.

Lately, we’ve seen a surge in d.school/GSB collaborations:

  • George Kembel, our executive director, was invited by the business school to spend a few hours with their Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities (s356) class last week. Students in the class–who form their own teams and create real-world startups–were eager to participate in design thinking exercises.
  • The d.school is also working with the b.school on prototypes for design thinking case studies, starting with a collaboration in Professor Jennifer Aaker’s Power of Social Technology class last week.
  • The Customer-Focused Innovation executive education program, a joint offering from the GSB and the d.school, thrived this year despite difficult economic times.

We’re looking forward to more collaborations in the future!