Arts Intensive Teams Noodle on Ramen Experience

Let me give a testimony to what Stanford undergrads can do when we have their undivided attention. We are blown away. The Arts Intensive students are massively engaged. After a week of design thinking skills-building culminating in a one-minute movie festival, they’ve launched into their first major team project, redesigning the instant ramen experience. We’ve done this project before, but always as a solo experience, and it’s fantastic to see the kind of energy that teams bring to it.

They met their teams on the train to San Mateo, walked to the mystery launch site (the delicious ramen restaurant Himawari!), and got their challenge. They dove right in with an intense exploratory conversation with the owners, servers, and patrons over lunch. The students then fanned out across San Mateo to observe and engage strangers in needfinding interviews. Follow the action on Twitter at #darts09.