Awakening Creativity

Stanford Co-Founder George Kembel talks about “Awakening Creativity” at the Chautauqua Institution. Watch the video here.

We tweeted highlights during the speech via @stanforddschool. You can also read them below:

  • Is creativity something that is available to all of us or is it something that some are born or gifted with?
  • Creativity is a profound latent capacity available to all of us. Why does it remain dormant in so many of us?
  • Can creativity be awakened? Can it be nurtured?
  • Empathy can inform the problem definition phase and prototyping can help you learn.
  • Start with empathy to gain inspiration. See the story of the Embrace Global baby incubator as an example. Without being human-centered, they would not have come up with an incubator that looks like a sleeping bag instead of a box that plugged into a wall. For more on Embrace Global click here.
  • Try a lot of little experiments with low resolution prototypes.
  • For more on d.light design click here.
  • Vulnerability required: Preserve ambiguity longer than you are comfortable to leave room for empathy to inform problem definition.
  • How can public radio innovate? The story of @DesignAgitator and @wnyc is told.
  • Instead of holding on to a clear goal, hold on to a process. This allows for innovation.
  • Our first responsibility is to create the innovators, not the innovations.
  • Creativity is a latent capacity available to all of us. Design thinking can unlock it. It begins with individual transformation.
  • If you focus only on innovations, you risk killing creativity. But if you focus on innovators you most likely get both.
  • The dschool’s K-12 Lab is bringing design thinking to K12 education.
  • You don’t lead by control, you lead by guiding.
  • We don’t believe that creativity is something you separate from other disciplines. We bring all the disciplines together.

Congratulations George on an inspiring talk!