This Fall: Design Thinking Bootcamp for Stanford Grad Students

Future innovators, prepare yourselves to become breakthrough thinkers and doers. Cross the boundaries between technology, business, and human values. Use design thinking to work on BIG projects with multidisciplinary teams. Be human-centered, prototype driven, and mindful of process in everything you do. Get a jump on your skills for classes and Labs offered in the Winter and Spring quarters.

Topics include design processes, innovation methodologies, need finding, human factors, visualization, rapid prototyping, team dynamics, storytelling, and project leadership. We are looking for a magic mix of graduate students from across all disciplines and fields at Stanford to experience hands-on projects. Expect in-class exercises, guest lectures, and a Friday lab for design thinking workshops and team time.

Quarter: Autumn 2008
Class: ME377
Teaching Team: George Kembel, Scott Doorley, David Baggeroer, Corey Ford, Erica Estrada, Joel Sadler, Scott Witthoft
Time: Monday, Wednesday 1:15-3:05PM, Lab Friday 1:15-3:05
Location: Building 524, 451 Panama Mall
Enrollment Limit: 2 sections, 24 students per section
Grading: Letter Grade
Applications: Available on the website September 15, they are due by midnight September 22 (the first day of class). Decisions will be made by September 24.

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    yes good Bootcamp idea..

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