Agile Aging, Mobile

In late December the took it show on the road – well, the sidewalk – and worked with the Stanford Center on Longevity to brainstorm potential areas of focus for the Center’s Mobility project. The Mobility project brings together an interdisciplinary group to address how to increase and preserve mobility as people age in order to maintain a better quality of life.  The brainstorming session was led by George Kembel and Kerry O’Connor from the, and initiated by Anne Friedlander, director of the Mobility Project, and one of the Teaching Team members for this quarter’s Agile Aging Course. They covered potential areas for innovation that included how to address disease, economic factors, psychological factors, environmental factors and political factors that converge in order to limit mobility.  From the hundreds of ideas that were generated during the brainstorm, the advisory board narrowed the potential areas of focus down to two dozen. Over the upcoming months the SCL will work to direct its resources to the most promising and novel initiatives that will reside within the diverse disciplines here at Stanford.

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  1. Ann R. Erickson
    Ann R. Erickson January 22, 2010 at 2:40 pm |

    I hope these students were asked to read Sara Lawrence Lightfoot’s The Third Chapter before starting this project. If not, I suggest that it is the best book out on Agile Aging.

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