The goes (even more) global! Prof. Bernie Roth receives honorary doctorate in Paris

Although Bernie might tell you that the most interesting thing about this picture is the wonderful artwork and decoration on the walls in the background, we beg to differ. While the rest of us were making our ways home for the Thanksgiving holiday, Bernie Roth was suffering though those embarrassing moments in a doctoral degree presentation when the presenter spends 10 or more minutes enumerating all of your excellent qualities and fantastic discoveries before bestowing important honors on you.

Jean-Claude Guinot, of the Université Pierre et Marie Curie–France’s premier scientific University, which bestowed its honorary doctorate on Bernie on Nov. 21–says of Bernie, “This great mind is not only incredibly modest, he is also a sharp-eyed humanist, who weighs up the consequences of technological developments for society.” Bernie’s honors have stemmed from a career of revolutionary work in kinematics and robotics begun some time ago, which has generated entirely new disciplines and work for a whole host of scientists and engineers.

Prof. Guinot also described Bernie as “an exceptional teacher who has the ability to pass on his knowledge and enthusiasm, not only in his usual role as a professor, but also by devising innovations to aid problem resolution through modern creative concepts.” For those of us who have had the opportunity to work with Bernie and his modern creative concepts, we think his next honorary degree may stem directly from there.

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