Radio Redesigns

On a Wednesday evening, a small group of design thinkers made history within the cozy walls of the Product Design Loft.  The innovators were students from the’s Experiences in Innovation and Design Thinking class (affectionately nicknamed Bootcamp).  Their capstone project was a joint collaboration with New York Public Radio (WNYC)and several other radio affiliates to redesign the sound of morning news radio.  In a few months, WNYC will launch a new radio show that will redefine the face of news radio, and their secret weapon is design thinking.

The final presentations were a particularly memorable collection of skits, videos, and reenactments that demonstrated the hidden needs of people that have not yet been reached by public radio.  The resulting ideas for news radio were bold yet actionable, and the radio executives that gathered in the Loft–including the presidents of WNYC and Public Radio International–gave the teams a standing ovation for their ideas and their enthusiasm.  In the next few months, WNYC will weave these new ideas into their plans for the show, and when it launches in the spring, you may turn on the radio and hear morning news in a way you’ve never before experienced.  When you do, remembe rthat it all started here.