d.school adventures around the world

Current d.school fellow David Klaus recently returned from a summer in Africa and Asia, where he set up partnerships for the coming year’s Entrepreneurial Design for Extreme Affordability class. In the winter and spring, the d.school will be partnering with several of these organizations to design products and services for the world’s poor. The list of potential projects is more diverse than ever, including irrigation products for rural farmers, wheelchairs and prosthetics for victims of war and disease, energy solutions for affordable (and sustainable) lighting and cooking, new tools for the care of livestock, “entrepreneur kits” to help street children generate income, and innovative business models to help the poor access credit, to name a few. During the summer, David kept a travel blog with more details on the partnerships, and a whole bunch of entertaining stories about his adventures as a designer in the developing world. You can check it out at dpklaus.blogspot.com.