Picking up design thinking, Ambidextrous releases issue #5

Congratulations to the folks at Ambidextrous Magazine! The first issue of a new volume has hit the newsstands and internet, and a launch event is in the works for December 14.

An early project of the d.school, Ambidextrous is an independent, student-run design magazine that takes a broad view of the nature of design. (To see how broad, take a look at Wendy Ju’s pictures of where they stand in the continuum between the pragmatic and romantic accounts of design.) Among some great tips on dating and a mechanical dissection of record players, Issue 5 “Picking Things Up” also includes interviews with d.school faculty member Bernie Roth, silicon valley design luminary Hartmut Esslinger of frog design, needfinding expert and Stanford professor Michael Barry, and a back page by our own Larry Leifer.