Beyond Pink and Blue: Gender in Tech

Innovations in Inclusive Design

Spring 2017
Mon 1:30 – 4:20
4-5 units
Letter Grade or Credit/No Credit
Studio 2


This 10-week course addresses one of the thorny issues facing Silicon Valley – inclusivity. We will illustrate how women, men and gender-fluid people interact with technology environments differently. We will explore, articulate and examine the implications of these differences for design thinking, processes and principles – many of which are determined by designers’ disciplinary backgrounds and the methods they use. We will ask:

• How can design thinking better address gender and diversity perspective issues in order to foster “inclusive” design and expand the potential of diversity for all users?
• What might that look like (without stereotyping)?  In short: How can we embrace our differences for the betterment of all?

The course consists of a weekly three-hour class that mixes design thinking challenges with use case explorations, design methodology, and guest speakers from technology, design and academia. The class will include experiential learning and readings about cultural perspectives, gender insights, design thinking and methods for inclusive design. You will be working in interdisciplinary teams on projects aimed towards prototyping inclusive design solutions.


Accepting 30 Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students, Fellows and Post-docs.
Apply here by March 10.


Teaching Team
Londa Schiebinger, Prof. of History of Science and Director, Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering, and Environment
Ann Grimes, Associate Director, Brown Institute for Media Innovation (Engineering); Lecturer in Management, Graduate School of Business; 2015-16 Faculty Fellow, Clayman Institute for Gender Research;
Dr. Hannah Jones, Design Researcher and Teaching Fellow (2015-2016)
Rebeca Hwang, Co-Founder of Rivet Ventures (focused on women-founded start-ups);